Several Gouldrath honour guard slowly move across one of the many walkways. Their black iron armour clanking and scraping, their Reaka; traditional iron spiked clubs hung loosely at their waists. Their dark eyes scan the marketplace, looking for any interlopers hidden amongst the throng. They escort a single female Gouldrath dressed in the finest black silk with steel adornments, as she slowly peruses the produce of the myriad of stalls. In her hand she clasps an icon seal of a minor Gouldrath house.

If the owner of the icon seal were to be harmed their house would claim a debt of vengeance upon the perpetrator, or in more serious cases the perpetrators family or possibly even village. In times of great wars debts of vengeance have been proclaimed upon entire civilisations. The Gouldrath are also known for their harsh punishment for criminals. Their form of capital punishment is known as “The Breaking” where the criminal’s limbs and ribs are smashed then then left in some wilderness location to die. Gouldrath have a grudging respect for anyone that survives this horrifying ordeal, many see their crimes as absolved.

Age of the Hidden